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Journey Till Date

This was until now a daily textual blog and what started off as a way to let off steam has now turned into a ebook. Yipee! and also a way to inspire people to Start Up. The only difference is that before the Doing is the Intent. The Intention is larger than the doing and the Being is bigger than it all. Over time we stopped operating from our past or our future and we as much as possible operate from the present moment. Obviously that's hard but we practice regularly and over time we are getting better at it!!

What Inspires Us

Our teachers and life are the biggest inspiration. I have a card which says Inspired by Prasad Karmarkar-My Reiki Teacher and Life Coach and member of The Spiritual Company The reason I do that is because I have gratitude to this man, his generosity and his network of really good souls who ensured that I grow and stay inspired. We all get inspired in spurts but it takes a community to keep you on track. A lone ranger is just that-LONELY. We on the other hand are co-creators and community seekers. We look out for each other and keep each other true to our CORE intentions at all times.

Our Learnings

All the learnings are first realisations. There is always distance to cover between realisations and action. Most often than not all you need is a reality check or a nudge or a shove but most often than not we need a bunch of people who believe in what we are.

So we essentially aim to:

  • Put ALL your TRUE Intentions out there
  • Convert an Intention into a one line Idea
  • Make your Plan
  • Give you our Plan
  • Enable the community to take an idea to execution

Now What?

Keep it simple. Know that the idea is not enough. Know that you on your own have limited capacity. Allow others to step in and help you for your highest good. We are here to create the GOODNESS NETWORK and to operate from heart based intent more than your education, experience, money and status. We operate from the Humanness of the people who come together. Come in and have a blast in the Intention Led Community of Startupers

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